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LED strip PIR swich 12-24V


Motion switch for led strip. Perfect solution for under the cabinet lights in kitchens or other systems with no wall switch (night lights at bedroom, wardrobe lights etc.). Is suitable to be used with strips with voltage: 12-24V. On / off closer than 10 cm sweep.

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PIR switch for led strips. Perfect solution for walk-in closets, hallways and entrys where lights are normally swiched ON/OFF quite fast. Turns lights on when detects motion closer than 2m away. You can adjust the time the lights are on between 6-70 seconds (after last detected movement). 

Is suitable to be used with strips with voltage: 12-24V.

With 12V led strips, maximum 96W load and with 24V led strips maximum 192W load (8A), but we recommend you to calculate 10% extra so that it won't run on full power all the time (12V max. would be 87W and 24V would be 174,5W).


Solder between the strip and the driver (12-24V input and 12-24V output).

1. Make sure you use constant voltage driver instead of constant current driver. Have the power off when soldering.

2. Make sure the positive "+" and the negative "-" are correctly connected to led power supply (led driver). Positive and negative cannot be reversed!

3. PIR sensor is installed trough the diffuser, so you need to drill a 10,5mm hole on the diffuser.

Install PIR switch on a led strip inside the profile and solder the switch and the strip next to each other! See video.


Measurements: 10x57mm

Mer information

Artikelnummer PIRkytkin
Värilämpötila (K) Inte tillgängligt
Väri Other
Jännite (V) 12, 24
Takuu (vuosi) 1 year
Värintoisto (CRI ±3) Inte tillgängligt
Malli PIRkytkin
Lumen Nej
Valon avautumiskulma Inte tillgängligt
Teho (W) 8A
Livslängd Nej
Mitat 10x57mm
Asennusaukko Nej
Tuotteen halkaisija Nej
Tuotteen pituus 57
Tuotteen leveys 10
Tuotteen korkeus Nej
Godkänd CE, RoHS
Energialuokka A++
Muuta Solder the switch block between strip and driver.
IP Class IP21
Ketjutettava Nej
Valaisimen väri Nej


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