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LED lights for home and office

LED strip and downlightsLedStore offers good quality, durable LED lights for homes and offices. By combining LED strips and downlights, you can create lighting that is easily adjusted for different occasions. Most of our downlights and all of our LED strips are dimmable, so adjusting lighting levels is easy. We also sell dimmers for our LED lights.

If you still want to use your halogen lights, not to worry, we have LED bulbs to replace GU10 (230V) and GU5.3 (12V) halogens. All bulbs are dimmable and with CRI over 90!

LED strips

Indirect light with led strip

LED strips are perfect for creating indirect light, lighting work spaces under kitchen cabinets and lighting hand rails. Alsoaccentuating architechtural features is easy with LED strips. All our LED strips are dimmable and water resistant IP65. LED strips are dimmable from pirimary (230V) and secondary (12V/24V) side. We have dimmers for both solutions. Remember to select a right kind of driver for your needs (triac for 230V dimming). LED strip should always be installed on metal for example aluminium profile.

Dimmable LED spots in high ceiling

LED downlights/spots

Our dimmable LED spots come with driver. Installation is easy as you just bring 230V to the driver. We have LED spots with different features for example adjustable lights and water resistant lights, lights in 3000K (warm white) and 4000K 

LedStore's LED panels and plafonds

(neutral white) as well as different colour options. Our LED spots will have a CRI 92 (March 2016), except 

BUDJET BJ33, that will remain CRI 85.

LED panel lights

LedStore's led panel lights can be used in a lot of different spaces and it gives even and good quality light. ”UPPOAVA” -series lights have a high CRI of 95. All the panels and plafonds in ”UPPOAVA” -series are dimmable and IP44 water resistant, so they are suitable for bathroom lighting and outdoors as well. We have made a more affordable version of the panel with CRI 90, IP44 water resistant, but with no dimming ability.

LED wall lights

LED wall lights

In this category you can find LED wall lights for 

indoor and outdoor use. Most of our wall lights are water resistant (minimum IP44) and are 3000K warm white. All wall lights have driver inside the body. Installation to 230V. None of the wall lights are dimmable.

Outdoor LED lightingLED outdoor and bathroom lighting

Most of LedStore's lights are at least IP44 and suitable for bathroom and outdoor use (see product info for spesific lights). Led lights work well in outdoor lighting as they are not afraid of the cold. We have led pillars for gardens and pathways, led light series for accent lighting, led wall lights for lighting your house as well as led strips for terrace lighting.

Bathroom lighting can be crated using downlightsor spots combined with indirect lighting made with LED strip. What would be nicer than taking a relaxing bath in dimmed indirect light but when it's 

time to clean, be able to do so in a bright light?  


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Artiklar 1 till 24 av totalt 235

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